This is the place to go for hearing help. Lisa is very knowledgeable and personable, I have a whole new world now with the hearing aids that she fitted me with. I would recommend Advanced Hearing for anybody with hearing problems. Thank you Lisa, Lynda and Logan
Oak Mackey, on Google
Lisa spent a good 90 minutes with me. I even got to try out hearing aids while we were going over the cost and type of device for me as well as getting to know one another. The hearing aids made a huge difference! The hearing center carries only one brand of hearing aids. Her receptionist is very professional and overall it was a good experience.
Diane Siemsen, on Google
I am very impressed with the service I received today at Advanced Hearing Solutions. But it all started before today's appointment. A year ago, I went to a different hearing specialist to have ear molds made for custom headphones, and was charged $200 per ear. AHS quoted me LESS THAN HALF of that for BOTH ears. I paid a whopping $90 for both ears. What impressed me the most though, was the service I received. I expected to have the mold made and that was about it. What I got was a far more comprehensive assessment and explanation of my ear and some potential reasons I experienced some of the hearing issues I do. She looked in my ears to ensure I didn't have a buildup of Wax that would have made the molds not work correctly and in doing so she noticed substantial scar tissue on my eardrums. She gave me a full explanation of the different components that make up the human ear and explained why I often have a difficulty hearing clearly at low tones. I assumed that the muffled noises I hear in crowded environments we're just as a result of the way my brain processed the noise. What I learned was that the scar tissue actually causes the eardrum to be less elastic which transmits less low tone noise. Armed with this knowledge, I made another appointment for a hearing test. I received far more in terms of service than I expected today and I will definitely be returning.
Alex LeVan, on Google
I was a little hot when I arrived to address an issue with some hearing aids and battery life, Lydia was very professional and calmed me down, we continued to research the issue, and finally came to the conclusion the the battery had not been replaced as previously planned, she addressed the issue with great care, and the problem will soon be resolved, and I left with a smile Thank you Lydia
Kelly Young, on Google
I could not have been more pleased with my visit and hopefully getting to do business down the road when my divorce is over. They were wonderful! Especially the kindness and genuine caring the Dr showed when I shared how destitute my financial situation is. His kindness will never be forgotten! He said when he saw my tests, I can make you hear! I believed his eyes! That’s how I read people! Thanks for a wonderful appointment! Penny
Penny Forsling, on Google

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